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– Dr. Ibrahim Hassan

Our founder, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, is known in many parts of the Arab world for his academic and practical excellence in the field of visual communication. Dr. Ibrahim has authored several books in the field of graphic design and visual communication. Also he coined alot of terms in Visual Communication field ; such as “Graphical Experience”, “Visual Impression unity”, and “Karrataine typography”.
Dr. Ibrahim Hassan founded AQTAR design solutions, is a creative company that adopts the Artistic principles in its work.


At AQTAR we are working to create design solutions that help the growth of institutions. We are a team of specialists in Fine Arts, Graphic and Media. We give organizations the power to spread by increasing brand awareness, as well as developing their digital presence in a creative and non-repetitive way, this makes it distinctive and helps it to prove its existence among competitors

Our Clients Feedback

A high quality outcomes is what you expect from them where your satisfaction
is number one in their priorities. I highly recommend them to shape out your brand.
One of the experiences that makes you happy.. Cooperation, speed of response and distance from complications,
he understands you quickly. Thank you to Dr. Ibrahim and his wonderful team
A top in craftsmanship, flexibility and a generous spirit in dealing with
the customer Continue to deal, God willing and Greetings to Dr. Ibrahim
Excellent experience, neat and professional work.. Delivery of work on time..
Wonderful work quality .. The highest professionalism in dealing and working ...
I recommend dealing with them to everyone.

Our Success Partners

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